🪙Token Incinerator Program

The Token Incinerator Program can help tokens burn their supply while trading any coin on Bonkbot using a customized Bonkbot referral link.

The best part? It doesn't matter if you're using a new or an existing Bonkbot account!

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How Does It Work?

If the token is approved to participate in the Token Incinerator Program, Bonkbot Team will provide the token with a custom Bonkbot telegram referral link.

When clicked, it applies a tag to the BONKbot user so that any time they trade, a portion of their fees will go to buying and burning this coin.

  • New user? 20% of your trading fees will incinerate your favourite coin, forever.

  • Existing user? 10% of your fees will go into the incinerator, and 10% will continue to go to the OG referrer

For example: Token "A" Team contacts Bonkbot Team and asks to participate in the Token Incinerator Program. After the discussion, the token is approved and Token "A" is provided with a custom Bonkbot telegram link that will collect fees from the traders using it and use those fees to buy and burn Token "A".

At any time, you can click a different link which will apply a new tag and you will be able to burn a different coin. You have full freedom over which coin you choose to burn.

Why Should I Burn My Token Supply?

Generally speaking, burning supply is seen as bullish because it makes the remaining supply more valuable.

This follows the principle of Supply & Demand: if there's less supply of tokens in circulation when the demand stays the same (or increases), it will cause scarcity of the token; hence the token pumps its price.

Do I Need To Use a New Bonkbot Account On Each Token So It Collects My Fees?

No. Whether you are new to Bonkbot or you have been trading for a while using Bonkbot, you can use the token's custom referral link and it will collect the fees!

How Can I Apply to the Token Incinerator Program?

Please contact King on telegram for further discussion.

⚠️⚠️Warning, DO NOT search the username on telegram and ONLY USE the link provided here instead. There are too many impersonators⚠️⚠️

Here's a list of some tokens that are participating in Bonkbot's Token Incinerator Program

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