šŸ‘£Get started on Solana

ā€¢ Download a Solana wallet: - https://phantom.app - https://backpack.app/downloads - https://solflare.com ā€¢ Download either coinbase.com, kraken.com or https://www.binance.com/en/download ā€¢ Transfer money in your local currency and convert it: -> Swap to USDC (it's a stablecoin dollar, backed by a real dollar) -> Send the USDC to your Solana wallet address (make sure you transfer on the Solana chain not ETH) ā€¢ If you have USDC on another chain, bridge with @JupiterExchange : https://jup.ag/bridge-compare ā€¢ Swap your USDC for Solana (SOL) : https://jup.ag/swap/USDC-SOL ā€¢ Install BONKbot: https://docs.bonkbot.io/quick-setup-guide/initializing-bonkbot ā€¢ Send your SOL from your Solana wallet to your BONKbot wallet address. ā€¢ Have fun looking at memecoins on https://birdeye.so or https://dexscreener.com/solana and when you find an interesting one, copy the contract address of the token and paste it in BONKbot to buy it! You're all set now!

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