🔍How to find Tokens

Using BONKbot is easy. But finding tokens? That's the hard part!

The Essentials

Most importantly - DYOR - this stands for Do Your Own Research. Never trust someone else's advice, but verify for yourself.

Here are a few things you need to check before buying:

  1. LP Burnt: This means that the Liquidity Pool is safe, and the creator can't remove liquidity.

  2. Mint Authority Disabled: It's vital to check that the creator can't mint infinite tokens and dilute the value of the token you hold, if its disabled it means its safe here.

  3. Freeze Authority Disabled: Slightly less common, but you must check if the creator of the token can freeze your tokens - this means that you cannot trade or transfer them!

These points will help you stay safe - but there are many other things you should be looking for!

More Research

  • Socials: tokens should have some socials or at least one social like Telegram or Twitter. This shows there is effort from the developers, and helps to gather community around the token.

  • Marketcap: There is no "safe" market cap in memecoins, but the lower you are the more risk you take on. Chances are a couple of small holders will have a large concentration of the supply, and the coin will be more volatile.

  • Website: Some tokens have their own website. Having a funny website could be a good sign.

  • Rugcheck : Rugcheck is a good website to check if the token is healthy (worth to buy) or not. This will help you screen for the essentials like Mint Authority, Freeze Authorityand LP Burntthat we discussed at the start of this page.

Now that you have learnt the basics of what to look for - how do you actually find coins?

Searching for Coins

Both Birdeye and Dexscreener are massively popular charting websites. You can use them to look at how a coin is doing, and they will also give you filters to help you search for coins.

You can use Birdeye and Dexscreener to filter new coins based on time-frames and volume.

You may choose anything above $500k Market Cap, and at least 1.5m in 24h volume. This helps you filter for relevant coins, and you can then investigate the socials, and other key features.

This will give you a selection of coins that maybe have a higher likelihood of doing well. Once you find a coin you like, you can paste the coin address (CA) into BONKbot and you will be able to buy it. More info can be found here Buying Tokens.


Ultimately - while BONKbot is easy to use, the hard part is finding the coins that will do well. There is no guarantee that coins go up, and in fact most coins do go down.

  1. If you choose to buy a coin, you should ensure it meets the minimum safety requirements (LP burnt, Mint Authority Revoked, Freeze Authority Revoked).

  2. It is likely worthwhile to find something with socials and a unique idea

  3. To help you find these coins you can use Dexscreener or Birdeye.

If I can give you any advice, then I would say that you must understand the risks of trading memecoins. Buying will lead you to lose money most of the time. If you choose to invest, you should look for something that is fairly uniquel, but there is never any guarantee that you will make money!

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